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Belgium, 02-Jun-2015 / European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP),

The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) has today highlighted the urgent need to create systems in Europe that will ensure sustainable and equitable access for patients to the medicines they need. EAHP has therefore published a new position paper on the topic of medicines pricing which was voted on and approved by its 34 member country associations.

The policy statement:

• urges health systems against shifting the burden of medicines cost directly towards the patient;

• calls for improved transparency in medicines pricing as necessary for effective scrutiny of public expenditure;

• supports efforts to achieve a greater match between a medicine’s price and its value, and encourages the use of the hospital pharmacist’s pharmacoeconomic expertise in this domain; and,

• expresses the need for impact assessment in respect of generic tendering, which in some cases has been linked to the creation of supply chain vulnerability by consequent reduction in market providers.

Dr Roberto Frontini, President of the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists, said:

“EAHP’s activities in highlighting the problem of medicines shortages in Europe has drawn us inevitably to the topic of medicines pricing. In seeking to understand the factors that leave patients without medicines, issues of cost cannot be ignored. For this reason EAHP is seeking to promote public policy debate about how Europe pays for its medicines. Pushing cost towards patients undermines everything important in healthcare by financially punishing individuals for ill health. We need to understand where major cost burden is coming from, and that requires greater transparency.

Matching the cost of medicines to the value they deliver is clearly a complex and delicate task. The development of health technology assessment (HTA) protocols across Europe is therefore encouraging and the emerging skillsets of the hospital pharmacist in pharmacoeconomics has an important contribution to make.

Finally, while a continuous search for value for money in relation to medicines is necessary, care is also required to ensure that actions taken do not inadvertently lead to a significant reduction in the available providers of a medicine. This can create new supply chain vulnerabilities with consequent negative impacts for patient access.

With the right political will, and honesty and input from all stakeholders, there is reason to believe patient access to medicines can be put on a more stable footing for the future. However the debate should no longer be avoided.”

The full EAHP policy statement on sustainable and equitable access to medicines is available at



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